Details, Fiction and flavoured lubricants and oils

-- Of a kind made use of on building or industrial handling cars and equipment and having a rim sizing not exceeding 61 cm

Unbleached or bleached woven fabrics, made up of below eighty five% by excess weight of artificial staple fibres nes, blended mostly or solely with cotton, of the excess weight not exc 170 gsm

Woven fabrics of yarns of various colors, containing less than 85% by weight of polyester staple fibres nes, combined generally or only with cotton, of the pounds not exc 170 gsm

- Extracts, essences and concentrates, of tea or mate, and preparations that has a foundation of such extracts, essences or concentrates or using a basis of tea or mate

Watertight footwear with outer soles and uppers of rubber or of plastics, the uppers of which can be neither fixed to the sole nor assembled by stitching, nailing or perhaps the like nes

Mucilages & thickeners, if modified, derived from locust beans, locust bean seeds or guar seeds

Knitted or crocheted unbleached and bleached fabrics of artificial fibres (excl. pile fibres, fabrics that contains by excess weight 5% or more elastomeric yarn or rubber thread, warp knit fibres and synthetic fibres)

Soya bean click here for more oil & its fractions (excl. crude soya bean oil) whether refined but not chemically modified

Waste and scrap of precious metals and metals clad with valuable metals (excl. gold and platinium); other squander and scrap made up of these important metals of A form made use of principally for that recovery of those metals (excl. ash)

- That contains alkaloids or derivatives thereof although not containing hormones, other products and solutions of 2937 or antibiotics

Footwear incorporating a protecting steel toe-cap, with outer soles and uppers of rubber or plastics not masking the ankle

Peas organized or preserved if not than by vinegar or acetic acid, frozen, besides solutions of 2006

Halogenated derivatives of acyclic hydrocarbons containing two or maybe more distinct halogens, perhalogenated only with fluorine and chlorine

Sterile surgical or dental adhesion limitations, of knitted or crocheted fabrics of a width =5% of elastomeric yarn or rubber thread (excl. pile fabrics such as knitted or crocheted long-pile or terry fabrics)

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